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So many companies claim to be natural but when you read their ingredient list they contain non-life-giving substances and a whole plethora of toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Plus, almost every skin care line lists water (up to 80%) as the first and main ingredient. Electric Body’s Skin Elixir’s first/main ingredient is New Zealand Colostrum - nature’s most powerful food. This makes our Skin Elixir super concentrated and therefore one of the most cost effective skin products on the global market. Every batch is hand-made in small quantities and only contains live, active, low-heat treated, bio-available ingredients.

Previously only available at high end Spas in Europe and New Zealand, the Spa package is now available at a fraction of the price for your home use. Now you can experience what others pay a premium for around the world, in the comfort of your own home! Pleasure yourself with our Body Polish scrub ALL over, followed by sensuously massaging our Body Spray oil on your entire body, and our Skin Elixir cream lovingly applied to your face and neck. Love yourself! You deserve it!

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