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Electric Body Questions and Answers

  1. What is EU Approval? Before any cosmetic can go on sale in the EU group of countries, it has to be submitted for a ‘Safety Assessment’. This process involves the PIF file (Product Information File) along with the finished (ready for sale) product, packaging and all other documentation be submitted to an approved ‘Safety Assessment’ authority. The PIF file has to contain all the documentation of every ingredient including the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) classification/names, and how they are produced/grown or extracted. Everything about every ingredient and the finished product is looked at. This is a very thorough process and includes the wording on all packaging, weights and measurements. There are over 2500 compounds and chemicals banned or restricted for use in cosmetics in the EU. For a product to pass this ‘Safety Assessment’ process, it has to conform to all the EU restrictions and safety requirements. When all weights and measurements are checked and signed off by the testing people, the stylized ‘e’ has to be placed on the package and container to signify this fact. The stylized ‘e’ is not in itself an ‘approval’, but as the safety assessment has to be signed off before this ‘e’ can be used and the product has passed all the safety requirements, the ‘e’ is often referred to as the ‘EU Approval’. One cannot be there without the other. Only when the ‘Safety Assessment’ has been signed off, can the cosmetic be offered for sale in the EU group of countries. Cosmetics for sale in the USA are not required to go through any ‘Safety Assessment’, and can contain many chemicals and compounds banned or restricted in the EU. All ‘Electric Body’ Skin Care products have been submitted to, and passed, the EU ‘Safety Assessment’ protocol and carry the ‘e’ mark. Without this, we could not sell them in the EU countries.
  2. On the box, it says the product contains cetearyl alcohol - what is this? Cetearyl alcohol is the INCI classification/name for one of the two parts that make up the INCI classification for Coconut/Palm wax. The other is Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate. Under the EU cosmetic label laws, all ingredients have to be listed using the INCI classification/names. Coconut/Palm wax, like all natural waxes from a chemical perspective, contains two main constituents, the low alcohol part (that allows the wax to burn, like in a candle) and the Sulfate part (a form of natural salt). In the USA, one could list it as Coconut/Palm wax, but not in the EU. Nearly every country in the developed world, with the exception of the USA, requires that cosmetics be labeled using the INCI protocol. I believe this law was enacted to make all natural cosmetic ingredients look like the chemical ones, as the INCI classification/names are the Latin names that all chemicals, compounds and plants are scientifically classified and named. However, cosmetics containing coconut/palm wax (which is nearly every skin cream), can legally be labeled, ‘alcohol free’, as cetearyl alcohol is a wax and not a high alcohol like methyl alcohol or any distilled alcohol. Cetearyl alcohol is just the scientific name or classification of waxes. As we sell our skin care line in the EU and other countries that require INCI labeling, we have labeled all our products using this legal requirement. We do not make different labels for the USA. However, we also list the common names, (i.e. coconut/palm wax), for all our ingredients on all our packaging and list and explain all ingredients, INCI names and common, on our website.
  3. Is Colostrum the same as Milk? Colostrum is only produced for about 72 hrs after birth before the milk comes in, by every mammal on earth. It is not milk, but rather the starter of all life and different in many ways to milk. Every newborn human and animal on earth is designed to suckle this super food. Bovine colostrum is a universal donor that contains all of the immune, healing and growth factors necessary for life. On our website, we have a full explanation of colostrum and if you type into Google, ‘the health effects of colostrum’, many thousands of scientific papers come up. Many Dr’s and scientists we talk to refer to colostrum as the ‘forgotten miracle’.
  4. What about people who have allergies to milk products? An allergy to dairy is a digestion issue. Using our colostrum cream on ones skin has not been an issue for any of our dairy intolerant users. Also, colostrum is not milk and interfaces in and on the body very differently.
  5. Why do you use New Zealand Colostrum? The New Zealand dairy industry leads the world in dairy technology, and in fact, developed the first low temperature colostrum drying process. Also, New Zealand is unique in that its dairy cows all graze outdoors on natural grass in a natural environment and are calved on a natural spring seasonal cycle. No other country on earth has the grass growing and clean environmental factors New Zealand is blessed with. This infuses into the colostrum a life force that cannot be obtained elsewhere.
  6. You say that your products do not contain any petrochemical fragrances - can you explain why they are so bad and what fragrances you do use? Years ago, a work mate of mine died of petrochemical poisoning. No, he did not drink petrol or diesel, nor did he eat grease, he had a job that kept fuel and lube oil on his hands and arms every day. In 8 years, he was dead. It is well known that petrochemicals transdermal through the skin, and can cause cancer, so to me it is a of matter integrity. We do not use any chemically derived fragrances as they can contain petrochemical molecules. Chemicals are largely extracted from oil. There is a wide choice in skin creams on the market and the great majority have millions of petrochemical molecules in them. We go to great lengths to use only the highest grade cold pressed botanical oils. Also, I have seen enough women with cancer to last me 10 lifetimes, so we set out to formulate a very effective natural colostrum skin cream without using any nasty chemicals or electrically dead compounds.
  7. Your information says the Skin Elixir does not contain extracts - why are extracts so bad? Maybe it is not that they are so bad, it is just that many extracts are processed using alcohol. We chose not to go down that path, but instead use the more expensive cold pressed botanicals where possible. This gives us a better Zeta electrical field and ORP (oxygen reduction potential) reading in our finished product that we feel is much healthier and potentially safer for our clients. We would never want even one electrically dead molecule on our client’s alive absorbable skin. Sure, our cream costs a little more as a result, but then again it’s about choice and our integrity to do the right thing. Remember, this cream was formulated by Mr. Hiestand for his cancer clients, to help their skin recover and regain its youthful luster from the ravages of cancer. It was not made to a price; it was made to work, to be the most life promoting toxin-free and chemical-free skin cream possible. It’s just that the demand grew and grew, so we formed a company, built a website and now everybody has the choice of using this amazingly effective, healthy colostrum skin cream.
  8. You mention that the ingredients have not been overheated. Why is this so important? Every molecule has a temperature at which point its zeta potential, its electrical field collapses, and its redox signaling stops. Just like us, if our body gets to a certain temperature, we die, not from a disease, but from an electrical short circuit if you like. Understanding this, it is important to keep all the molecules electrical fields intact so that they can meld into a harmonious whole. It’s like playing a tune on a piano, if one of the strikers was broken there would be no vibration (sound) from that note, and the tune would not be harmonious. To keep all the ingredients working together, for them to become the symphony of life, so that the cells can ‘hear’ the tune, know what it is and to respond to the vibrational matrix, all the electrical fields have to be present and in the right order. Certain degrees of temperature can destroy this interface. This is the genius of Mr. Hiestand and his ‘Electrical Formulation’ process. Electric Body Skin Care is made with a very different level of thinking.
  9. Is it safe to use your colostrum face cream while pregnant? Most definitely! Our colostrum cream is produced using all food grade ingredients and the magic of colostrum (which is what nature intended babies to consumer immediately after birth). In fact, it could be considered so safe and healthy, that if you baby happened to eat a little bit, it would be like food for it and cause no harm. We have many clients who have had a wonderful response using our colostrum cream to help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks, and they claim to even stop the stretch marks from developing. Also, many mothers use it for nappy rash, nipple rash, skin irritations, and damaged skin on themselves and their children. Not only is it a powerful anti-aging beauty cream, it is a tremendously health assisting cream for all skin damage and issues. This is one of the great advantages of our colostrum cream compared to common skin creams. There are many testimonials from mothers listed on our website. Thank you for your question.
  10. What is Electric Body Skin Elixir? Electric Body Skin Elixir is a new paradigm in healthy natural skin products. For 70 years the skin care industry has been largely based on chemical compounds and or extracts from nature. Electric Body chose to go down a different path, by using some of natures most powerful compounds i.e. colostrum, and cold pressed botanical oils, to hand craft an amazingly effective beauty cream without chemicals or preservatives. Colostrum the primary ingredient in Electric Body Skin Elixir could be considered the oldest, most researched super food in all of human history. Its health, beauty and healing effects were recorded in ancient Egypt, by the Ayurvedics in India and even by the old cattle tribes in Africa. In modern times, there is an abundance of published research showing colostrum’s health and healing properties, including the topical application for skin beauty, rejuvenation, anti-aging and healing. Electric Body Skin Elixir is one of the most efficient, natural, bio-available, biologically-alive, skin-rejuvenating, healthy skincare products on the market today. Our website has more information on our ingredients for our Skin Elixir,
  11. Can you explain, in simple terms, how quantum physics is integrated in Electric Body Skin Elixir? Quantum Physics is the understanding of how nature works underneath chemistry, the ELECTRICAL part of life, which is how all of life works. Fifty years ago, science could only theorize on how life interfaced electrically. Today there are many scientific devices that can quantify and measure the electrical fields of all atoms and molecules. This allows us the opportunity to observe any compound and ascertain its life giving properties, or not. The skin, like the body, receives its health and vitality from the electrical impulses contained in all life giving substances. It responds to a tune, not individual notes. This tune, somewhat like a “symphony of life”, is contained within all things in nature that supply us with nourishment and life. Chemical compounds do not contain this symphony (electrical matrix) of life. Likewise, any compound, natural or not that’s been exposed to excessive heat, as well as any compound that will not be eaten by the micro bacteria in the air, will not have this life-giving matrix. The skin, our bodies largest organ, and like all organs, responds to, and affects every cell in the body by what happens to it. By putting on electrically deficient creams and lotions, that do not carry the “symphony of life”, cannot be healthy, and we could be doing slow but very real damage to our entire physical system, inside and out. By being able to quantify the electrical impulse of all things, we can now choose the most life giving natural compounds for our skin creams and lotions. With the understanding of quantum physics, we can assemble nature’s most powerful ingredients into the ultimate “symphony of life” skin products. This process is called “Electrically Formulated” The development of our skin elixir uses the vibrational frequency that is part of every atom in existence, to craft an integrated cohesive electrical field that the body, and particularly the skin cells can recognise. If we consider the creation of a symphony using the 88 keys on a piano, you can equate the keys as being ingredients. To create a congruent electrical matrix the correct notes or frequencies must be formulated in the right sequence. The body and every part of nature works on an electrical cohesive basis, commonly called the electrical matrix of life. The science behind Electric Body Skin Elixir uses this quantum understanding in its choice of ingredients, formulating process, and batch making of its Skin Elixir and has registered the process of electrical formulation. Electric Body is made to be a very different reality than chemical or other produced skin creams.
  12. What inspired the idea of creating Electric Body Skin Elixir? Electric Body Skin Elixir was originally formulated by the company’s founder to support his breast cancer clients, and to alleviate the ravishes of cancer on their skin. It proved to be amazing effective in assisting the skin to regain it youthful lustre and condition. Through word of mouth a dramatic demand was created, and a company was formed to produce this health and life supporting cream for offer to the world.
  13. What is Electric Body’s philosophy? Our primary philosophy is to produce the worlds best bio-logically advanced, biologically alive, colostrum skin cream to assist the skin in all of its issues. The basic premise of this process is not to produce a cream to a price, but to make something that works, that is in perfect harmony with the cellular process we call life.
  14. Skincare brands don’t usually create a miracle worker for all skin problems and areas, why has Electric Body chosen to incorporate it into one elixir? The simple answer is that most brands try to maximise their profits by creating a range of products which they claim target specific areas of the body. However, science tells us that all skin cells work in an identical fashion and all require the same compounds for health and vitality. EB was originally made for cancer clients, and there was no intention of maximizing profits through the questionable marketing of multiple product range. As the company keeps reiterating, EB skin elixir is a different level of thinking – it was made to work, to assist the skin in its health and beauty.
  15. What future plans does Electric Body have that you would like to share with Professional Beauty? To state it quite simply, the beauty profession has many hundreds of chemical based beauty products it can recommend to its clients. However, now it has another choice. It can use a colostrum based, beauty enhancing healthy cream with zero chemicals, zero toxins, zero preservatives and zero alcohol that will interface with the skin cells to create the desired health and beauty that the client desires. Finally, a true choice for the consumer. The way of the future in skin care is, beyond natural, beyond organic, to bio-available. To be bio-available the product must carry the “symphony of life”, therefore it has to be “electrically formulated” and thus be chemical free and contain life giving natural ingredients to enhance skin health and beauty. The Electric Body® range, and most importantly the EB Skin Elixir is the first Colostrum based “Electrically Formulated®”, “Electrically Available®” and “BIO-AVAILABLE” skin cream on the global market. Our vision was to use “a different level of thinking” to create true skin transformation, the “symphony of life” for your electric body.
  16. Are any animals hurt of exploited in the production of your cream? We are PETA approved and do NOT use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. Our Colostrum is from outdoor, grass fed, happy New Zealand cows. The first milking is always given to the calf and the second milking is the one that is dried at low heat to maintain it’s bio-availability, and that is what we use in our cream. The formulator of our cream grew up in New Zealand on a diary farm and has total respect for all animals and their offspring. The Emu oil is from a small family-owned sustainable farm in Canada. They raise the Emus humanely and this is where our Emu oil is sourced from. The Emus are raised like any other animals, to feed humanity, and the oil is taken from the fat layer under the skin which would normally be discarded and thrown away, before the skin is used for making products such as handbags or shoes. This farm prides itself on utilizing every aspect of the animals and all the animals are blessed before they die. Emu oil has been known and used for centuries as a skin and body health product. It is one of the most powerful transdermal compounds known and is extremely beneficial to the health of all cells. Like us, all animals eventually die but raised in a wonderful, integruous, healthy environment to their maturity and then blessed prior to their death, animals very willingly give their life-force to assist humanity. The Company has worked hard and long to make the best and most integruous healthy skin cream in the world, because he was a farmer and understands how nature works. He uses some products from animals due to the simple fact that we as humans, live in animal bodies and to create health and harmony in ourselves, we have to use the same frequency, ie. animal compounds (essential fatty acids and oils from other mammals) because we are in essence the same. Many companies use ingredients from plants and chemicals which do not interface with our vibrational fields.
  17. Why do you use Hydrogen Peroxide and could it be considered a poison? Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is definitely not a poison in the minimal dose rates we use. In fact every cell in your body makes hydrogen peroxide - that is how oxygen gets transferred through the cell membrane. Hydrogen Peroxide is added to our cream in the correct ratio to ensure the correct vibrational frequency corresponding to life. Without this oxygenation of our product we would not be able to maintain its bio-availability. Oxygen is a very necessary part of the life transfer or life-giving process in all things. Hydrogen Peroxide is a 100% natural compound made by every cell by every mammal to sustain life. That’s why it is in our cream because we have produced a life-giving cream.
  18. My skin felt tight and a little dry when I first started using the cream - is this normal? Please note that our cream is like food for your skin. Sometimes when people start using it they experience a tightening sensation which is the naturally occurring collagen plumping up and nourishing the cells. Sometimes your skin may have the sensation of being thirsty as our cream is filled with life-giving ingredients that the skin may be hungry for. In the first few weeks keep applying the Elixir as your skin needs. You may have to apply more at first until your skin reaches saturation level and then you will be able to back off and just apply a little to maintain it. For some people in very dry climates, they also feel they need to use a little of our Body Spray combined with the Skin Elixir to really feel nourished. Play around with different combinations until you find what is right for you. And please feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions.

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