Denie Hiestand

Founder/CEO of Electric Body Inc. and the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness Master Energy Healer, Natural Health Consultant, Internationally Published Author and Seminar Presenter

After seeing over 5000 cases of Breast Cancer, Mr. Hiestand had had enough of the biologically dead chemical soup called cosmetics that women used on their biologically-alive skin. Driven from deep inside to do something about it, he used a different level of thinking and Electric Body Healthy Skin Care was born. Some call him a conundrum, others, "the Einstein of skin care".

CEO of Electric Body Inc. Mastermind behind the formulation of the Electric Body product line. Natural Health Consultant with over 30,000 clients worldwide specializing in the electrical causes of dis-ease. Background in New Zealand agricultural science. Former large-scale dairy farmer. Swiss/New Zealand heritage. Qualified in Vibrational Medicine, Energy Healing, Lymphology, Homeobotanicals, and many others. Internationally published author - the most famous being Electrical Nutrition (published by Penguin Putnam), and Journey to Truth (the basis of a documentary being filmed by Chesapeake Films on the Life and Teachings of Denie Hiestand).

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