Colostrum- the most powerful anti-aging ingredient known!

Colostrum is the first 'milk' produced after birth by every mammal (mother) on earth. In fact, it is not 'milk' in the true sense of the word; but a unique compound considered the most life-giving substance known to science. Colostrum is life itself, the universes' life starter. When a baby is born trillions of cells are not functioning; during gestation all nutrients and life-support being received from the mother. In the minutes and hours after birth, every young mammal is designed to ingest Colostrum. Within milliseconds there is an explosion of life that occurs, as the DNA clock is started in trillions of cells.

How is it extracted?

Colostrum is not extracted. In New Zealand 4 million natural pasture fed, outdoor grazed, dairy cows, calve seasonally in the spring in an 8 week period. The farmers are paid a handsome premium to collect the small amount of Colostrum after birth from selected monitored cows. The liquid Colostrum goes to a low temperature Colostrum drying plant, to produce the most powerful and one of the most expensive life-giving food sources in the world. Most of the Colostrum goes to the pharmaceutical industry where they wrap drugs with it so the body can absorb the drugs by absorbing the Colostrum, as every cell in the body will readily absorb Colostrum. It is nature’s most powerful and perfect food.

In the New Zealand dairy industry, the calves stay with their mothers after birth for a minimum of 24 hours and get all the Colostrum they need. Then the selected cows enter a Colostrum herd for another 24 hours for Colostrum collection (there is still plenty for the calves as the cow produces up to 3 gallons/15 liters per day and the maximum a calf can drink is 1 gallon/5 liters). All mammals produce Colostrum for 72 hours after birth (and by the way, all babies thrive on all other mammals colostrum, God did not get it wrong). Colostrum is purely God's gift of life. It contains all amino acids, all the minerals, all the vitamins, in fact all of everything required for an explosion of life. There is nothing known on earth that is more powerful in its life-giving properties.

In summary, Colostrum can only be collected once a year and we obtain our Colostrum from New Zealand grass fed, naturally grazed cows only. This is recognized as the most pure and powerful Colostrum, which is why it is sold to the pharmaceutical industry and why we use it in our products.

How is it used within the products?

Colostrum is over 76% of our Skin Elixir formulation. We also use Colostrum in the Body Polish to give that Cleopatra Experience where the skin can absorb the Colostrum and also you can bath in it. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in the ‘first milk’ i.e. Colostrum.

What exactly does it do for the skin and why?

A skin issue of any type indicates a dysfunction of the cells. There can be many different symptoms but they are all symptoms of the same thing - a cell malfunction at some level. It could be malnourishment, dehydration, the result of an impact, scrape, cut or burn, or your body exporting the toxins from inside to the extremities and storing them in the skin, far away from the life support organs. There are two options, either you can put cosmetics, i.e. paint or some sort of softener, on your skin to mask the damage, or you can give the skin cells a magic shot of life so they have the power and energy to start up, clean up, and reconstruct their perfection. Electric Body skin care line, containing Colostrum, has been designed to do just that. To supply the electrical charge to start the cells functioning. Colostrum to give them the nutrition and information the DNA code needs, and the life force combined with the other ingredients so it can utilize all of the compounds to enable the cells to move towards a vibrantly healthy state - thus help create beautiful skin. Electric Body skin care has changed the entire paradigm of a skin care regime.

Electric Body is an entirely different level of thinking; it is profound in its simplicity yet startlingly beautiful in its complexity. It is pure life, nature/God in a bottle.

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