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2011 Electric Body Inc.

Are you In the market for natural and organic beauty products and skin cream? Electric Body provides the resources to obtain healthy Skin naturally. Our natural and organic product line contains the latest breakthroughs in natural and organic anti-aging technology.

Electric body healthy skin cream consists of our signature product - an edible, natural, bio-available skin elixir for the face, eyes, and other sensitive areas, all over natural body spray, and gentle exfoliating face and body polish. We offer our customers natural beauty products, containing New Zealand colostrum, free of petrochemicals and parabens.

Our natural, organic, safe, bio-available ingredients could be considered food for the skin, A safe choice for you and your family. Our products are Natural beauty products made with healthy ingredients with no toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Choose Electric Body healthy skin cream for you and your family. Natural organic beauty products you know are safe for you and your family. New Zealand Colostrum is THE most powerful life-giving food imaginable. It can boost your immune system and activate your DNA so that your cells will glow with youthful vibrancy with this breakthrough anti-aging technology.

Count on Electric Skin Natural Beauty products to deliver a safe natural product. Many of the chemicals that are in other beauty products and skin cream have been linked to cancer in scientific studies. Our beauty And Skin care products contain only natural ingredients. Matching your skin's needs with a natural-based product is the key to obtaining healthy, glowing skin that feels soft to the touch.

Looking for more reasons to buy organic? Natural products, such as our Skin Elixir, made from New Zealand Colostrum and aloe vera, are intended to keep skin moisturized and healthy-looking and to reduce the signs of the natural aging process. The New Zealand colostrums found in our skin cream enhances skin rejuvenation naturally without the aid of chemicals or parabens, a chemical often used as a preservative.

For more information about natural skin products, please call 1.877.317.SKIN (7546) or submit an email inquiry. We will assist you as soon as possible. Feel free to test our great line of natural Skin care products such as the Bioavailable Skin Cream today!

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